The Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Conference



MAY 15, 2024

8:30 AMRegistration & Breakfast
9:15 AMWelcomePatricia Jones, President & CEO
Calgary Homeless Foundation
9:20 AMOpening PrayerElder Linda Johnson  
9:35 AMOpening RemarksJenn Anderson, Assistant
Deputy Minister
9:55 AMMC (Agenda/Housekeeping)Matt Nomura 
10:00 AMKeynote Speaker: Discussion and Q&ASteve Pomeroy 
11:00 AMPresentation 1: 
Leveraging LLMs in Social Sector Decision-Making
for AI-Enabled Upstream Solutions to Homelessness
Matt Parker & Jesse Donaldson
11:45 AMBuffet Lunch
1:00 PMPresentation 2: 
Measuring housing insecurity in rural, remote,
and Indigenous communities in Alberta and
across Canada
Emma Wallace & Syndey Stenekes
1:45 PMNetworking Break
1:55 PMPresentation 3: 
Homelessness prevention: rent banks;
international comparison; qualitative research
Alison Smith
2:40 PMNetworking Break
2:50 PMPresentation 4: 
Building Your Data Capabilities in the Social Sector
Sam Elliott
3:35 PMPresentation 5:  
Understanding and measuring homelessness
prevention at a Toronto-based multi-service agency 
Keith Hambly & Nick Falvo 
4:20 PMClosing remarksRon Kneebone
4:30 PMEnd of day one

MAY 16, 2024

8:30 AMCheck-in & Breakfast
9:00 AMOpening PrayerElder Linda Johnson 
9:15 AMPlenary Remarks Martha Hall Findlay   
9:30 AMPresentation 6: 
The Homelessness Income Cut-Off (HICO) 
Ron Kneebone & Margarita Wilkins
10:15 AMNetworking Break
10:30 AMPresentation 7: 
How Data Can Inform Effective Interventions
and Policy Decisions on Preventing Youth
Homelessness? Evidence from the Housing
First for Youth Longitudinal Study 
Ahmad Bonakdar 
11:15 AMNetworking Break
11:30 AMRecap of Senior Leadership ForumNick Falvo
11:45 AMClosingMatt Nomura & Ron Kneebone 
12:00 PMEnd of day two